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Frequently Asked Questions

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) provider and at the same time a revolutionary Caching-System.

How does HELLBLAZE work?

The setup differs depending on your operating system. You can find a detailed tutorial here. You have more options, we provide a JDownloader 2 plugin as well as the direct download via our website. We will provide a Chrome and FireFox browser plugin soon.

A specific service does not seem to work, what can I do?

Unfortunately there can be some issues from time to time. Please contact our support team and add a detailed description of the problem.

How much traffic can I use?

Your VPN Connection is unlimited, additional we give you 200GB traffic per day for downloads.

I bought run-time which was not added to my account.

We are aware of that issue and apologize for that. Please log out and log in again. If you are still having this issue please contact our support team with your Transaction-ID.